2018 What a year!

2018 began with a love letter to my son Oliver. This painting was the start of me breaking down the wall of fear about being an artist. It was this painting about a beautiful boy that help me connect with my materials and the breath of the brush again.

2018 was also the year I collaborated with the land.The marriage between found objects and my hands created many large colourful Map Stamp Paintings.

2018 also marked the year I returned to teach a two week Artward Bound Painting workshop after five years of not being able to return. This workshop was the major turning point in my artistic practice this year. It was at Holderness , that I was inspired and deeply moved by the students willingness to face their fears within themselves and digest the political events of their generation threw the power of art. It was here at Holderness that I made lifelong friendships and found the courage to look at myself in the mirror and call myself a practicing artist again.


2018 was also the year I began the Art Pen Pal Project. A project where I could send and receive love mail through the power of art. This started out with two artist friends whom I met at Holderness and now the group has grown with over twenty artist from all over the U.S!

2018 was also the year I did the Mother's Day Project. I invited friends on Facebook to send me a picture of their moms. It was a great way to work through the sorrow that fills my heart around this time of year since my mom passed away a few years ago.

2018 was also the year I was commissioned to do a painting as a gift for a future wife as a wedding gift. It was also the year I was able to sell some smaller works from the past. I am always touched when people seek me to create art or want available art as gifts for others.Thank You!

2018 is also the year I returned to the love of drawing and the Paper Boat series took sail expressing the beauty and the darkness that lives within me. 2018 was also the year I began the goal of creating over a hundred of these mandala paper boat drawings with the hopes that they will become a show or a book. We will see if this goal comes true next year! I also hope that more doors will open for this body of work.

2018 also marked the beginning of a lifelong collaboration and friendship with Grace Rapetti, a very skilled musician and songwriter. Together we are working on the Golden Paper Boat. An animation of cut outs telling a story of love, hardship, lost and transformation. Grace, music will bring the paper cuts to life with the help of her music. The completion will be this year. Can't wait to share it! If you would like to gift yourself the chance of a song just for you, check out her website! https://www.starlingcreativearts.com/

2018 was also the year in which I took my sketchbook and some supplies on a backpacking adventure into the mountains! A much needed retreat!

2018 was also the year that my fans surprised me with so much love by contacting me to create some holiday drawings for them! The love that people shared with me about their loved ones were so touching. I truly enjoyed making these Paper Boat Holiday Drawings for all of you! So much in fact, I am going to continue this every year! Here are a few of many.

2018 you have blessed me with new and old friendships threw the power of art. I can't tell you enough how rich my life has become because of this. I am so grateful for each and every interaction with each of these artist. They all have shaped this amazing journey that I have been on this past year. How lucky am I!

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