Paper Boats & Mandalas

My work recently has been centered around understanding and creating the complex compositions derived from change within myself as well as in nature.

Recently I returned from a backpacking trip that was ranked four out of five in terms of difficulty. The climb was steep with high altitude. This mountain, my teacher... left me breathless and with a heart gasping for air every few minutes. The mountain, a metaphor of all the mountains that I have conquered but continue to climb. The streams and lakes that live within and around my mountains are the fuel that seems to transform into some sort of visual form.

Lately, my visual forms have been circles filled with detailed drawings, with paper boats containing love, personal secrets, wishful desires, private hopes and my ever-present fears. Just like the earth, these circles or, as I would call them, "mandalas” lived inside a fiery belly of some distant star and exploded into this, a most beautiful round planet.

I granted myself the wonderful gift of stillness while on my backpacking trip. On Top of the world is where I sat. I sat and watched the clouds move in and out. Beneath me the scene spread out for miles. It is here, on top of the world, where the simple array of colors found in sunsets, kissed my eyes and soul. It is here, on top of the world, that the simple geometry of the pinecone I found on a trail, stopped me in my tracks.

It is here, on top of the world, where I swayed in a hammock, gazed up at the moonless sky filled with thousands of stars. This number was doubled again by their reflection in the mirrored lake to my right. It is here, on top of a mountain that I realized how very a small we all are. It is here, on top of the world, I fell in love with myself again. It is here, on top of the world, where I learned to breathe and be alive again. It is here where the breath of my art, lit a fire within my heart.

The mountain is my teacher, the stars are my guides and the water is my life source .

P.S Below are some of the earlier drawings from this body of work. To see more click on the drawing you like and it will guide

you to my drawing gallery.

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