Want to be an Art Pen Pal?

The art of snail mail is so rare these days that I have decided to bring it back with a little twist.

How would you feel if you walked to your mailbox at least once a month with an envelope that was decorated and painted with an image addressed to you? What if I told you that if you were to join me on this artistic adventure,you would be setting aside time to escape from your phone and your daily chores to do something creative with your hands, your mind and your heart. Sounds amazing, right?

The goal will be to eventually have enough people to create an Art Pen Pal community where you can meet other Pen Pal Artist too! Sounds like fun, right? If your asking how does one start to be an Art Pen Pal? Well, I will break it down for you….

Step One:

Contact me threw my website and leave me your mailing information.

Step Two:

Wait for your first Art Pen Pal envelope to arrive from me!

Step Three:

Enjoy your very own personalized art piece.

Step Four:

Think about a response to the theme, image, or letter that

was mailed to you.

Step Five:

Collect your art supplies and a blank envelope. Channel whatever

you want to create in response to what was last mailed to you.

Step Six:

Mail it back to the sender.

Step Seven:

Tap yourself on the shoulders, you just authentically connected

with another human being without social media! YA!!!!!


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