Artward Bound 2018

I Just returned from a week in New Hampshire. I was invited to teach a Painting/Video course at Holderness School. Every year Holderness dedicates two weeks to the arts, inviting artist from all over to help teach . This year we were encouraged to tackle the theme "empathy" in our workshops. I was blown away by the courage and the loud cry of this generation. Watching their story unfold threw the many layers of this canvas was incredibly moving. This video is a collaboration between two workshops, my painting/video workshop and the songwriting workshop that was lead by Grace Rapetti and Pat Ramey. Enjoy this video....I hope it sparks a fire inside of you and encourages you to take action.

#GraceRapetti #PatRamey #HoldernessSchool #Teaching #EndGunViolence #Paintingprocess

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