A love letter completed...

A love letter to my son....

It is paint's organic nature that helps me appreciate my life, helps me choose my subjects and also helps me create my paintings. Every stroke and dip of the brush is part of a story that lives within me. With a long, deep exhale, I am happy to announce that this will be the last blog I post about my love letter to my son Oliver.

The last few drops of paint were applied on the anniversary of adopting him as our "forever son". Like any parent, I was excited to get to know this little guy who, at one time, would fit into my arms like a snug football. I have witnessed him explore the world with new eyes, crawl, laugh, cry, climb, walk, and grow into the energetic and amazing boy that he is today.

I can't turn the clock back or forward, but, I do have the power of the brush to stop time. This painting is a frozen collection of marks and emotions that will outlive me and my son. My hope is that he will hang it in his own home someday and share it with his kids. It currently lives on the wall in our kitchen/dining room where it will become part of family dinners, family holidays and special events, both big and small. It will serve as a reminder that life is a series of changes, both internally and externally. But, no matter how many changes take place, there will always be a time when his world was full of magic and curiosity.

With all my heart Oliver James Metz-White, I love you. May you always be happy and may your spirit continue to radiate so brightly.

Love ,

Momma Boo

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