Comfort Under The Trees

Last week my teacher lead a meditation where I was asked to try to focus on what brings me pure JOY. After a few minutes, as my mind was jumping back and forth between my breath and my thoughts, it came to me.... I find JOY when I am outdoors among the trees.

As a child it was my father's backyard. As a teenager and as young adult, it was a visit to the ocean. Now, as a forty-something mother, wife, and artist, JOY visits me when I put on my boots, grab my box of art supplies and venture off, solo, into the land. Life has currently gifted me the time and space to re-enter back into my practice.

The latest project that I'm working on is, in reality, a group of paintings/drawings that all contain a unifying stamp. That unifying stamp is a slice of a tree positioned in the center of the page. Over time they have been transforming into a road-map of markings, created with paints, etchings, oil pastels, and watercolors. They are tantalizing and mysterious. My environment has been the guide for those marks. I find that these road-maps have never felt finished or complete, even though, they have been revisited at every new location I find myself. The Journey awaits me..... The land is my teacher and I am its student.

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