The Lands End Point (Labyrinth)

Lands End Point (Labyrinth)

I am at the edge of the earth,

where cliffs are constantly changing with the mighty dance of the waves.

Blue eyes trace the red lines of the great Golden Gate frozen between the soft blue of the sky and the raging dark blue of the bay.

Hawk soars above me dancing against the sunlight.

My lungs fill with sweet salty worm air and I exhale....

I prepare to walk a labyrinth among such beauty...

I am ready to embrace my journey,

I am ready to open this heart of mine,

I am ready to let go,

I am ready to love,

I am ready to be free.....

I am ready to be awake.

#poem #Awalkinnature #lettinggo #SanFrancisco #LandsEndPoint

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