Fly high...

Eagle spirit....

I took a gentle walk in Knowland Park with my dog Henry. He is now a senior dog, so our walks are short, slow and very sweet. About half way into our walk we ended up between two rolling grassy hills. It felt like the belly of Knowland Park. The air was chilling and the sky was cloudy. A storm was ahead in the horizon, but this did not stop us from claiming our spot. I placed my Medicine Cards onto a red thin blanket from my hand bag and began the process of shuffling the cards while sprinkles of rain kissed my hands for the first time this year. The Medicine Cards were clear as always ; however, Eagle Spirit spoke loud to me. She is the power of the Great Spirit, the connection to the Divine. Reminding me to remain connected and balance within the realm of the Earth. Especially when it comes to my dreams and goals. Eagle Spirit, told me to fly high, step back and reflect upon the quilted landscape I am about to walk into. I was also reminded to trust that everything is a lesson and was placed upon my path only to make me stronger.

This year is about finding the courage to embrace the opportunity's that come my way and challenge myself to look beyond the horizon of what I am familiar with. It is time to fly fiercely and trust that Great Spirit will support me. The reading of the Medicine Cards for 2018, validate what I want and intuitively already knew. The need to embrace both the shadows and light areas of myself, because I know in return , my dreams will become realities! I am ready to take flight like the Eagle! I chose to fly high!

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