Visions that make my heart dance...

January 1, 2018

I sat with family and friends last night creating vision boards for the New Year. What you see are my visions for 2018. 


Another chapter has come to an end my friends.  The blank canvas awaits for us once again. What will be our story? What does our voice need to say? Where is the change that needs to be done?  What rivers will we dip our toes into and what will we find on the other side? I feel it! It is time to bravely walk forward and live each moment the best way we can. 


I am looking forward to expanding my studio practice. The ideas and images I will be juggling with are portraiture, energy, patterns, letting go and trusting the process.  


luckily for you I am planning my first New Years Art Sale online!  This will be a chance to buy some artwork for an outstanding price! More about the New years sale is coming soon. 


A raffle is coming soon too for those who have subscribed to my website.   So please feel free to let your friends know and tell them to sign up!  Free Art!!!! 


I hope this update finds you well and ready to paint your story !  Make your mark count this year! Need a little help... MAKE A VISION BOARD! Make a date with your heart and dance! 


Over and out!





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