Nature is my teacher and true ally

This New Year I plan on connecting more with nature. This coming June, I will be hiking into the wilderness for three days. Just me and a backpack. I plan on leaving the week of my birthday and the one year anniversary of my mothers passing. What a beautiful way to honor her memory as well as celibrate the next decade of my life.

I have already started my training ... Oliver my son is the perfect backpack training I could ask for! I am looking forward to breaking in the boots. learnig to see again. I hope you are too.

I visited the pacific ocean this past weekend...

It was a visit that was much needed.

I wrote this poem....

Rib Cage

The waves must of crashed a hundred times...

I found myself conecting to the endless repetition of the mighty oceans mantra.

Black bird lands on the edge of the earth...

Salty misty air fills my lungs...

Belly rises,

and I release hot air.

As I enter the cove, it feels like I am entering into a Rib Cage....

My Rib Cage...

Searching for my heart and your spirit.

Toes not yet free,

traped in boots...

Fist full of sand, spilling between my fingers.

I return to my breath and heart,

a dance that has been coming and going for decades.

Reminding me to return to the intelligence and mystery that lives within the physical world.

It is inside this cove,

inside this Rib Cage,

where my heart will forever remember you.

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