A Mandala and a Coyote

My spirit animal

I have begun the process of painting a Mandala, the word Mandala means "circle". This sacred circle represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our conection to infinity and what lives beyond and within our bodies and minds.

The image of the sacred "cirlcle" came to me during a recent half marathon I ran in honor of my mother.

Mandalas can have many spirtual significance for people. However, I have been using the act of creating this mandala as a tool to tap into my spirtual practice/lessons as a an artist, mother and my recent meeting with my spirt animal guide, the Coyote.

A few days before the big trail run, I was running in Knowland Park and a Coyote visited me twice. The second time I took a picture of this beautiuful creature. A few days latter I completed the half marathon and yet again , I was visited by the Coyote spirt. We locked eyes for few seconds. This happend half way threw my run. This experence was magical, I knew that I had somthing to learn from this creature. It was not a lucky passing, it was a message.

So today in the studio I decided to look up in more depth of what his message may have been.

This is what I found...

" Coyote's medicine includes understading that all things are sacred and that yet nothing is sacred, teaching us that only when all masks have fallen will we connect with the source."

"The Coyote's teaches how wisdom and folly go together. In others mistakes we see our own foolishness and can learn from their mistakes."

"The Coyote's energy is linked to simplicity and trust, spurring renewed innocence and a childlike wisdom in the world."

"People with this power animal usually have close families, espechially when children are involved. "

"Coyotes normally mate for life. "

"Coyote medicine people often put other peoples needs before their own-remember to give to yourself equally."

"If a cooyote enters your life, you must look at something you have been avoiding. They are mirrors for the lessons we must learn so we are able to walk a good sacred road. "

"Coyote is not out to get us, but to teach us, wheather we are willing students or not. "

All of these speake to me. It is no error that I have come in contact with the spirt of the Coyote. Now it is threw paint that I will find out the truth and continue on this sacred road.

Until next time fans,


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