Altars, why do we need them?

A collage of my alter and the recent painting I am working on...

I belive the reasons we build and or create personal places of prayers, rituals, or meditation - is too acknowledge the sacredness of all the spaces we inhabit. By acknowledging that there is somthing greater than ourselves, we are creating and allowing an enviroment where the sense of the sacred can be acknowledged in our everyday lives and within ourselves.

I belive that altars can release energy within us and all around us. This is why I have multiple altars around my house. As part of the creative process, they have helped me find my spirtual eyesight, allowing space to surrender and explore my center.

Above is a picture/collage of my creative altar along with a painting I am curently working on. This altar contains images of my mother, angle cards, sage, and a candle. The picture is of an Native American holding a paintbrush.

Before I paint, it is a ritural that I light the candle on my creative altar, draw three angle cards with a question in mind and then I smudge/bless myself and my creative space. I truly belive this ritural allows me to start fresh every time I return to a painting. My creative altar is my helps me create paintings .

Altars, why do I create them? Because it's part of my process as an artist and as a spirtual person.


Ps. If you would like to have a dialog with me about this post please contact me. I would love to hear what you think.

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