"My soul is in the sky."

When my mother passed away, I recived a card with a quote on it by William Shakespear that said, "My Soul Is In The Sky." This card now lives on my altar inside my studio.

This painting was inspired by this quote. It is about my mother releasing from the body that gave up on her. The house is the home I was born and raised in. The vanishing point is from the back yard on the grass. I spent much of my childhood on my back watching birds fly over my head, falling stars at night and clouds transoform into all kinds of cool things. Our back yard was our sanctuary....My mother loved spending time here, reading a book or watching my father garden.

In this painting I am watching my mother (the deer) be liffted by doves into the sky. looking over at us one last time. It is not near completion, but it has been very healing to paint.

Whenever I return to my parents house, I find myself looking for her threw objects and or photos but I alway end up on the grass on my back . I guess her soul is in the sky .... Miss you mom....thanks for the visit today in the studio.


Ps. If you would like to have a dialog with me about this post, please contact me. I would love to hear what you think.

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