A Dedication To My Mother...

My mother was my bigest fan. She was always so proud to call me an Artist. She belived in my visions and my desire to create with my hands. It is because of her, I have decided to plunge back into the daily act of painting again. The past three years have been full. Being a mother of two kinds under the age of three is both a gift and a chalange. However, loseing my mother this pass June was naturaly hard. Some time has passed and the process of accepting that she is no longer a phone call away or phiscaly here has sunked in. It is because of this loss, that I need my art practice more than ever.

I want to honor her and my memmories of her in the best way I know how, with a paintbrush.

When she told me that she was dignosed with stage four Stumach Cancer, with the hope of surviving this desiese, I knew deep down inside that my time with her was limited.

In four months I watched my mother be the most bravest woman I have ever seen. We shared many conversations but it was during these private talks, I found myself listening to her voice in a way I have never done before. Deep down, I knew that the voice that I took for granted for so many years would soon be a memmory. But there was one burning question that I needed to ask her before my time with her was up... I wanted to know if she belived that she would return as another form after her death ? I knew my reasons for asking this question was because I did not welcome the idea of her not growing older or that she would not able to see her grandkids growup. I needed and wanted her to belive that she would continue to be a part of our lives in some way, even if she phiscaly was gone. If my mom belived... Then I could belive...

My mom's answer to this question resulted a long pause.... a deep inhale ..... and then the revealing of two forms. The first was a Deer and the second was a Dove. Little did I know that this question would be the catalist for my next body of work.

I hope that you walk beside me on this journey...I welcome you...so does my mom.


Ps. If you would like to have a dialog with me about this post, please contact me. I would love to know what you think.

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