Carolyn Fermandes


"I am Carolyn Fernandes and I am 16 years old.  Marlene taught me for five days and inspired me immensely.  Marlene's kind words and helpful pointers made me feel like an artist.  The way Marlene teaches makes me feel as though I can paint the world.  If there were any way I could make Marlene my permanent teacher, I would do it in a heart beat."  

Monique Devine-Robichaud

Director of Artward Bound

Marlene White rocks as an artist, teacher and colleague! She has been an artist-in-residence for our Artward Bound program for four years where she had a profound impact not only on our students, but on her fellow artists and faculty.  Through her workshops and generous artistic spirit, she inspires students through the simple initial act of mark-making to discover that they can create meaning through art, and more importantly, she unleashes their voices. Students who have feared picking up a paint brush are given the freedom to express themselves in a non-judgmental environment as they move from the notion that they are not artistic to understanding the power of using art to communicate what is important to them and to share their stories.  Marlene is truly inspiring!


Monique Devine-Robichaud, Art Department Chair & Director of Artward Bound

Holderness School, Holderness, NH

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