My studio is located in California's Oakland hills. My backyard is Knowland Park--a sanctuary I share with nature and its creatures. It is here that I find solitude, between the stillness of night and the daily buzz of urban life. This balance provides a tunnel into my creative mind...It is here that I find The Breath Of The  Brush, "where the brush meets the heart."


Nature provides me with both community and solitude. In nature, I can share a common entrance with a stranger in passing or recall the bliss of childhood while on a walk with my own kids. When alone in nature, my eyes and heart dance with its beauty in a different way. My body lets go of all responsibilities of life--I become one with myself and connect with the pure essence of the present moment. It is during these moments that I can shed a tear watching a bird in flight, catch my breath while making eye contact with coyotes and deer, and feel my body connect with the spirits of loved ones who have passed.


Inside the studio, I bring these experiences to the canvas,channeling these messages with my brushes. If I am lucky, a masterpiece is created, if not, I have been blessed with the process. Each day is a blessing and each  moment is a lesson. This is the power and beauty of

The Breath Of The Brush...